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About Jeremy Meyers

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My Professional Mission Statement

I capture human passions in an authentic and remarkable manner and enable their actionable sharing in order to inform, entertain and inspire people.

What I believe

Things I’ve Done

What I Do All Day:


Up until January 2011, I worked as a Digital Strategy Specialist for the Studio D digital strategy team [5] of Waggener Edstrom [6].

At WaggEd, I did things like:

•    Strategic Communications Consultation. I help clients adjust the way their stories are told to maximize their impact and build communities, including Twitter and Facebook community analysis, and real-time content capturing for retail establishments.
•    Social Media Footprint Analysis. I look at what clients are doing to tell their stories and listen to their advocates and interested parties via social networks to make sure the right people connect with them, and then make recommendations as to how they could improve.
•    Trend Watching. I help to keep our practices current on the latest thinking going on around their focus in the digital space.
•    Content Strategizing. I help to identify the most compelling way for our clients to capture the interesting things about them and people who interact with them

I’ve helped to develop:

•    Social Influence Systems. A proprietary modular system for organizations to monitor, engage and connect via social tools, featured on Mashable.com and blogtalkradio http://waggeneredstrom.com/nozombies [7]

Before this foray into the world of corporate PR, I was a veteran of the online side of the music industry working at several labels:

Podcasts I’ve Produced:

While at Sony, I honed my storytelling skills by conceptualizing and producing over 300 original podcast episodes for their Catalog, Classical and Broadway group. All of the series are free, and include:

About Me Personally: